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Affordable Things even to Limited Income Earners

As then APEC Youth Representative and co-founder of the APEC Young Entrepreneur's Association (APYEA) in 1997 during the APEC Economic Leaders Meetings in Ottawa, Canada, Alex Esguerra work on the recognition of Young Entrepreneurs as emerging future business leaders in the global economy.

So right back home in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1998, ADLE International was founded initially with the vision of specializing in rare, out of print, new and used books "Affordable" to limited earners. The mission was that part of the business mentorship efforts will still help educate "Young Entrepreneurs" in becoming successful.

After which the flagship website, http://www.affordable-booksonline.com went live in time for Alex's book, "How Do You Integrate Success Book".

Years after, ADLE International has various online storefronts focus on "Affordable". From books, dvd, cd, electronics, things, gifts and the like today it is a recognized online independent retailer on this mission.

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